Web Projects

Jhun Vert

I registered verterra.me in August 2011 at NameCheap, Inc. solely for the purpose of having a personal email address that bears my family name. Initially, I don't have a plan to develop this domain into a website and because of this, it gave me lot of opportunities to play with different types of server configuration with no regards to breaking any setup. As time passed by, I envisioned to develop the subdomain jhun.verterra.me to record my personal workflow and to throw in some personal stuff. Hopefully I can make this site permanent.


I am the author of MATHalino and it gave me a strong online presence in my line of work. This is actually my baby site, I registered this domain back in 2007 with no idea on what to do with it. I don't even have any knowledge on how to create a website that time. I was only driven by the desire to share my math solution to as many students as possible. More than a decade later, it is now one of the most visited math site catering millions of pageviews per month. It has a not so active FB page and a YouTube channel that upload videos when convenient.


The Covid 19 pandemic push all sectors to accelerate the development of their online platforms. The education sector is no exemption. I am one of the instructors of Review Innovations, a review center in the Philippines offering Civil and Geodetic Engineering review courses. When the government announced the lockdown early in March 2020, our whole team, with no hesitation, stepped-up and did their part to bring our instructions online. Everyone made a significant contribution, achieving the seemingly unimaginable task. We are live online in just 1 week. Kudos to my whole team, I was really amazed and still am, to the dedication and talents of my co-instructors. My RI is my humble contribution to the now strong online presence of Review Innovations. it is a Drupal site that utilize heavily the Quiz module. As a whole, RI is using Microsoft Teams for instructions and use FB Page and My RI to supplement things that cannot be done in MS Teams.