Migrating a Simple Drupal-Site via SSH

Note that this is a personal workflow of mine and not a tutorial.  Commands may vary according to your setup.

Prepare the following
From old server go to Drupal's folder /sites/default/ then open the settings.php file. Scroll down to database settings and copy the old_databse_name, old_database_user, and old_database_password.

In the new server, create a new database, take note of new_database_name, new_database_user, new_database_password.

From the Old Server
Go inside backups folder inside the home directory, mkdir backups if none.

Create database backup: mysqldump -u old_database_user old_database_name -p > database_backup_name.sql and enter the old_database password when asked.

Create file backup: tar -czvf file_backup_name.tar.gz /directory/path/of/Drupal/site/

Copy database_backup_name.sql and file_backup_name.tar.gz to a public folder, say to /directory/path/of/Drupal/site/ then cd to that folder. mv database_backup_name.sql database_backup_name.xyz

In the New Server
Go inside backups folder inside the home directory, mkdir backups if none.

FTP the files from old server.
wget https://yourdrupalsite.tld/file_backup_name.tar.gz
wget https://yourdrupalsite.tld/database_backup_name.xyz
mv database_backup_name.xyz database_backup_name.sql

Import database_backup_name.sql to the new server
mysql -u new_database_user -p -D new_database_name < database_backup_name.sql

Enter the new_database_password when asked.

Uncompress the files to backups folder
tar -xf file_backup_name.tar.gz
cd file_backup_name/Drupal...folder/sites/default

Change permission in order to move and edit the file
chmod 777 settings.php
cd file_backup_name/Drupal...folder/

Move the files to public Drupal directory
mv * /path/to/new/Drupal/site/
mv .htaccess /path/to/new/Drupal/site/

Edit the settings
cd /path/to/new/Drupal/site/
nano settings.php

Go to the database array and enter the appropriate new_database_user, new_database_name and new_database_password.

Revert permission to non-writable after saving the file
chmod 444 settings.php