Install Certbot to Auto-Renew SSL Certificates Issued by Let's Encrypt

Certbot will let you manage your SSL certificates, ensuring that your server will automatically renew Let's Encrypt without you doing it by hand.

Login to you server using a sudo account. Make sure to sudo all commands.

Step 1: Install Snap
apt update
apt install snapd

Step 2: Login again to your server with a sudo account
snap install core

Test installation with Hello World
snap install hello-world

Ensure you've got the latest version of Snap
snap refresh core

Step 3: Make sure no preinstalled Certbot running in your system
apt-get remove certbot

Step 4: Install Certbot
snap install --classic certbot

Ensure Certbot command can be run
ln -s /snap/bin/certbot /usr/bin/certbot

Allow Certbot to edit your Apache configuration automatically
certbot --apache

Step 5: Dry run automatic renewal of certificates
certbot renew --dry-run