How I Setup this Site: Drupal With Image Gallery

Submitted by Jhun Vert on Mon, 09/30/2019 - 01:42

This post is primarily for me as I need to take notes for future reference.  I found this step valuable in the future per my experience on building websites.  If you are interested on how to build a site like this, then this post is also for you.


I've been holding this domain for quite a long time for personal email address which I really don't use often.  Experimented several times with different open source CMS, replicating sites that I wanted to build until I hit my very limited capacity. It's been my longest dream to build a personal website to vent my non-math side, but commitments and procrastination withheld me, the later being the honest one.

My primary purpose is to showcase my pictures from my own place and share it to different social media.  I've been banging my keyboard on and off until I got the looks and functionality that I wanted for my Photo Gallery.  Then I get excited!

Using Drupal

I end up using Drupal again, I am simply comfortable with this CMS and familiar with its workflow.  Between the available versions, I installed Drupal 8 to my server.  From the terminal, I login to my server and cd to the folder where I wanted to install this site.

  • wget
  • tar -xf drupal-8.x.x.tar.gz cd drupal-8.x.x
  • cd drupal-8.x.x
  • mv * ..

Yes, I need a reference for those basic commands, I even forget the reason why I -xf that.

Installed Modules

As of the writing of this post, the following non-core modules were installed:

  1. AT Tools
  2. Juicebox
  3. Libraries
  4. Token
  5. Metatag

I wanted it lite, I hope no additional modules are needed.  For the theme, I only installed one:

  1. Adaptive Theme

I prefer not to link these modules and themes to Drupal site, my work flow is always Googling from the address bar of Safari.

The Photo Gallery

Juicebox, because of your responsiveness to different devices, I chose you for my photos.  I've been eyeing you for long.  After several evaluation, my choices are narrowed to you and the Colorbox.  Your pro version earned you my dollars.

Sunrise in Manila. Taken: September 23, 2019. 5:53 am
Sunrise in Manila. Taken: September 23, 2019 5:53 am from our balcony.

Yes, I also need to write it, the purpose is to remind me in the future.  Have you bought an app and use it only for sometime?  I did and not just one app.  Procreate, FiLMic Pro, Sketch Book (it is free now), Tayasui, Hokusai, Rode Rec Pro, Pixomatic Pro, and many more.  Fortunately in iOS, you will just "Restore Purchase".  Server technology however, works in different way, I will make sure my purchase go to my list.


Google is hesitant to (or maybe won't) index sites that aren't encrypted.  You know that https thing showing a lock icon in the address bar of your browser?  That's the thing.  It will be an extra cost to a new site such as this, but it needs to be done.

Will I talk about math on this site?  Nope, but I can't promise.

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